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A good friend of mine asked me to give this conference a bit of publicity, so here goes. Executive overview: Tim Burners-Lee will be one of the keynote speakers, in a very nice-looking place in Athens. Definitely looks interesting.

Web Science Conference 2009 – Society On-Line is the first conference devoted to the scientific study of socio-technical aspects of the Web as a standalone artifact. The conference will be held at the Theatron, at the Hellenic Cosmos of the Foundation of the Hellenic World, in Athens, Greece, March 18th - 20th, 2009.

Web Science focuses on understanding, designing and developing the technologies and applications that make up the World Wide Web. However, the WWW does not exist without the participation of people and organizations. Now that a significant proportion of everyday life is spent on-line in many countries, it makes sense for the first Web Science conference organized by the Web Science Research Initiative (WSRI) and the Foundation of the Hellenic World (FHW) to be dedicated to the presentation of research into society on the Web.

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In PyCon UK, the two keynote speakers, Mark Shuttleworth and Ted Leung raised the issue of how Python should "open up" and aim to be the best language at everything (Mark's point) and the easiest language to work with (Ted's point). I agree with both them, I was nodding all the time when they spoke.

Here are my thoughts on the state of GUI toolkits and how could Python take a first step to be on the web.

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If you can see this, then the move to Webfaction was successful!

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Apple released version 3.0.2 for Safari.

This fixes some weird bugs I've had with bold text not rendering, and bookmarks being completely broken. So I'm now using Safari 3.0.2 to post this :)

However, not all is well...

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