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So, you are standing in a street, asking passers-by to support your noble cause.

Here's how NOT to do it, from today's personal experience.

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I just read this in Google Reader, and just starring it or sharing it seemed a very small thing to do. What I really wanted is to shout out of the window 'YES! THIS MAN GETS IT!'.

I was having dinner with a group of friends about a month ago, and one of them was talking about sitting with his four-year-old daughter watching a DVD. And in the middle of the movie, apropos nothing, she jumps up off the couch and runs around behind the screen. That seems like a cute moment. Maybe she's going back there to see if Dora is really back there or whatever. But that wasn't what she was doing. She started rooting around in the cables. And her dad said, "What you doing?" And she stuck her head out from behind the screen and said, "Looking for the mouse."

Gin, Television and Social Surplus

He calculates that a project like Wikipedia takes roughly 100 million work-hours to be realized. That's the amount of hours a US-sized population spends every weekend just watching ads.

I don't have a television - do I do anything productive with the time spent? Not much, but still, I click and type instead of zap.

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