My name is Orestis Markou, and I am a Software Engineer. I am available for hire as a software consultant. Download my official resumé here.

If you want to contact me, send an email at . You can also follow me on Twitter. If you'd rather talk, call me at +306972526601.

Here's a very brief bio:

I have studied Electrical and Computer Engineering in the University of Patras (graduated 2007), and I'm currently living in Athens, Greece.

My first programming job as a software developer in the Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation of the UoP, where I gathered a lot of experience using Java, JSP, Struts and Oracle on large and complex ERP systems, as part of the software team. I also developed --mostly alone-- a custom framework for Molecular Dynamics Simulation, following directions of the researchers regarding the governing equations, but making implementation and performance-related decisions on my own. This left me with greatly improved knowledge of Java and its workings.

My diploma thesis was a system for automatic backward-transliteration of Greek words written in Greeklish, called GreeklishOUT! I have finished with the thesis and a basic implementation, and I'm now working on improvements. I initially used Java, but quickly decided to switch to Python for this, as Java proved too inflexible when doing rapid prototyping.

This also was my first attempt at creating a web site using the Django web framework, which I now plan to master and use for all client-related work. It's absolute bliss, especially comparing to all the huge J2EE stuff I was used to.

I served my military duties in Hellenic Navy, in the Navy Headquarters in Athens. Previously, I was in the lovely island of Lesvos, looking at a RADAR screen.

From February 2008 to February 2009, I lived and worked in London, in a software startup called Resolver Systems.

Since February 2009, I moved back to Athens and I've been working as an independent contractor. My biggest project was the Museum of Australian Democracy, through EDM Studio, where I had a major role in developing the digital interactives, plus helping along in various software infrastructure.