Posts from September 2009

After a long IRC chat with the kind Twisted folks on IRC, I am writing here a post that could easily serve as an overview page of twisted.mail.smtp. In my opinion, Twisted sorely lacks overview pages, with real words and not just links to examples. It also needs some Google love, so I hope this page will help others looking how to send emails with Twisted.

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In the spirit of the wonderful "Twisted web in 60 seconds" posts, I'm going to contribute here a small post about the Twisted reactor and Deferreds.

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The Athens Python User Group had its first meeting on 9/9, at the Eleftheroudakis bookstore Café. This is a post describing what happened and what are the next steps.

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I recently signed up to stdlib-sig so I could just nod in agreement to the people that suggested that the stdlib needs to evolve. In the discussions that ensued, the backwards compatibility argument came up often. I think it's not a valid argument for the specific discussion, though. Here are my thoughts.

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We have a venue for the first meeting of the Athens Python User Group: See you at the Eleftheroudakis Bookstore café, Panepistimiou 17, 6th floor, on Wednesday 9 September, 7.00pm.

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Homebrew is a new packager for Mac OS X. I installed it, and hey, it works!

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This is an announcement for the just-created Athens Python User Group. The 1st meeting will take place on Wednesday 9 September, 7:00 pm. Venue: Eleftheroudakis Bookstore café, Panepistimiou 17, 6th floor!

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