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In PyCon UK, the two keynote speakers, Mark Shuttleworth and Ted Leung raised the issue of how Python should "open up" and aim to be the best language at everything (Mark's point) and the easiest language to work with (Ted's point). I agree with both them, I was nodding all the time when they spoke.

Here are my thoughts on the state of GUI toolkits and how could Python take a first step to be on the web.

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I've justed tagged version 0.5 of PySmell, the intellisense (or auto-completion, or omni-completion) provider for Python in github.

You can grab it here:

UPDATE: I've put up my lighting talk here:

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Sitting in the lunch refectory, writing about the talks I've witnessed:

  • The Savoury Flavors of Python 2.6 and Python 3.0
  • PyPy's Python Interpreter - Status and Plans
  • In Search of Speed and Flexibility
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As you may or may not have noticed, I've refreshed my blog. It now runs on Django 1.0 and has a simpler layout.

In the process I've managed to break my feeds, resulting in giving everyone doubly-escaped content. Sorry about that!

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