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I just caught up with the Django timeline, and I saw changeset 5519!

Congratulations, boulder sprinters!

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Apple released version 3.0.2 for Safari.

This fixes some weird bugs I've had with bold text not rendering, and bookmarks being completely broken. So I'm now using Safari 3.0.2 to post this :)

However, not all is well...

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Or, a tale of reinventing the wheel

Seriously. For web-apps we have tens (maybe hundreds) of frameworks that abstract away the painful details of creating data-based applications.

I mean, using Django, you can whip-up some models, generate the appropriate database schema, play around in admin, maybe use databrowse, generate nice html forms, add a dash of HTML+CSS and you get maybe 80% of the functionality. Then you add your custom views, report generation, a bit of AJAX --if necessary-- and you have a nice data-based web application ready for deployment.

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Following up to the part 3 of my series about implementing a multilingual interface for this blog, I now present the things to make the language-magic happen: Middleware and context processors.

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Το βρήκα από το, και το δημοσιεύω και εγώ...

«Να γίνουν εξαίρεση οι αλμπάνηδες ρε παιδιά, όχι ο κανόνας...»

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